Finance Committee

Meeting Dates for 2019-2020


Meetings are as needed, usually:
– In September, November and January/February, to work on the current school budget (1st Interim Budget due Dec 15th, 2nd Interim Budget due March 15th).
– From March to June, to work on next school year budget (Annual Budget due July 1st).

Monday Sept 30th 2019, 3pm Monday March 16th 2020 3pm
Monday November 18th 2019, 3pm Monday April 6th 2020 3pm
Monday December 9th 2019, 3pm Monday May 11th 2020 3pm
Monday February 10th 2020 3pm


For 2018-2019




Agenda SO Finance Committee 2019 11 18

Agenda-SO-FinanceCommittee_2019_09_27 Rev

3 Agenda SO FinanceCommittee_2019_06_13

3 Agenda SO FinanceCommittee_2018_09_14
For 2017-2018
Agenda June 7th 2018
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For 2016-2017
Agenda June 2nd 2017
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