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The Silver Oak Parents Organization exists to create a community where families feel they belong, and that their opinions matter. We exist to equip and empower parents to provide the best educational opportunities for their students. We stand with school staff as they cultivate an educational community where each student feels safe and empowered to reach his or her potential.

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General Meetings schedule

Meetings are held at Silver Oak in classroom #7.
Monday December 11th 2017, at 7pm.
Monday November 13th 2017, at 7pm.
Monday October 9th 2017, at 7pm.
Wednesday September 6th 2017, at 7pm.


Leadership Planning Meetings schedule

Meetings are held at Silver Oak in the courtyard (weather permitted), or the gym.
Tuesday December 5th 2017, at 3pm.
Tuesday November 7th 2017, at 3pm.
Tuesday October 3rd 2017, at 3pm.
Thursday September 14th 2017, at 3pm.
Tuesday August 29th 2017, at 3pm.
Tuesday August 8th 2017, at 1pm (Note the different time).
Tuesday July 18th 2017, at 3pm.
Tuesday June 20th 2017, at 3pm.
Tuesday June 13th 2017, at 3pm.


Student Community Service Hours

If your student still needs additional community service hours, here are some opportunities:



1. Clark Montessori: Seniors reflect on their education

2. Montessori vs Conventional School

3. American Montessori Society Videos

Click here to see all the videos