Lunch Program

We are very excited to start our lunch program on Monday March 20th 2017! iCook Cafe will be cooking, delivering and serving the meals everyday. To know more about iCook Cafe, check out their web site

An announcement was made during community meeting to notify the students regarding the beginning of the lunch service. Then students were asked by a show of hands their menu preference, for March, to have an idea of quantities to order. Extra lunches were ordered for Fridays (as pizza will be served).

After a couple of weeks, and based on parents/students feedback, we will be able to better estimate the number of daily lunches to order. Thank you for your patience as this is new to us.

Students, who are not eligible for Free and Reduced lunch rates, will have the opportunity to buy lunch for $3.50. They can pay directly at the office, with Mayra. It is possible to pay daily, prepay or pay at the end of the week. Using Power Lunch (a component of Power School), the school will keep track of which day each student is getting lunch.

If you think your family qualifies for Free and Reduced lunch, make sure to fill the forms below and return to the office (if you have not done it yet).

A partir del 20 de Marzo de 2017, SOHS servirá almuerzo para todos los estudiantes. Si usted piensa que su familia es elegible para recibir almuerzo gratis o reducido, por favor llene el formulario adjunto si usted no lo ha hecho. Por favor devuelva la solicitud a la oficina inmediatamente para que su estudiante puede ser capaz de obtener su almuerzo a partir del 20 de Marzo.

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