“The future of our economy, the strength of our democracy, and perhaps even the health of the planet’s ecosystems depend on educating future generations in ways very different from how many of us were schooled.”
– Tony Wagner, Co-Director of the Change Leadership Group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2007


1. August 29th 2016 Newsletter

2. August 22nd 2016 Newsletter

3. Mosaic Project
All junior students have the opportunity to participate with the Mosaic Project. They will be on campus on Thursday (Aug 25th) to speak with your student about the program. Below is also a brief description with more timing details:

The Mosaic Project offers exceptional leadership training through our Youth Leadership Project (YLP) for youth ages 15-23 who serve as mentors and cabin leaders at our Outdoor School this Fall. The curriculum focuses on addressing violence and creating a more peaceful world by celebrating diversity, awareness of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination, respect for and appreciation of self and others, teamwork and cooperation, communication and nonviolent conflict resolution, as well as leadership and mentorship skills. Attend a weekend training retreat this weekend, from 6pm Friday August 26th to 5pm Sunday August 28th at our site in Napa, California. We can help arrange carpools if you need a ride. Then, you will sign up to be a cabin leader for one week between September 19 to October 28, where you will be a role model and mentor the 4th and 5th graders attending the Outdoor School. You can get community service credit for participating, and will build community with high schoolers from all around the Bay Area.


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